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My unique background in high-level corporate marketing gives me the understanding of how marketing interplays with all of the aspects of a business. From sales, to Human Resources, Finance and IT, marketing is woven throughout a company.

Because I am a marketing consultant, I have the ability to tailor my services to the exactly what my clients need. My clients can expect that I will provide a one-on-one experience, while having the resources to meet all of their marketing needs.

Take a look at the few of the services that I provide to my clients.

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Fractional CMO

Let me be your Chief Marketing Officer. I will help develop your marketing strategy, lead your internal marketing team, and drive towards your goals and sustainable growth.


Do you know your brand? If you can’t answer that question quickly, then you might need to develop a better brand strategy through my M3 Analysis. We will work together to solidify your brand identity.

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Social Media Strategy

Social media is important for almost every business. Do you know the right platform, message, hashtags you should be using? Both B2B & B2C companies should have a social media strategy in place.

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