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Hi! I am an Atlanta based Marketing Consultant that has a passion for helping companies grow.

With a diverse background in marketing and executive leadership, I am able to tackle challenges head on and with a creative perspective. I offer an impressive portfolio of marketing consulting services that are customized for your business. Whatever your needs may be, I can make it happen.

I treat every business as an individual and develop a personalized plan based upon its goals. There is no one-stop-shop marketing plan! I strive to understand the nuances of a business, its customers, and its industry.

​With my background in corporate marketing, I am able to see how a great marketing strategy will impact the business from a global perspective. I understand how branding and messaging can be used throughout an organization to help drive awareness and even increase employee satisfaction!


Fractional CMO

Social Media Management


SEO Driven Product Descriptions

Marketing Strategy

Internal & External Messaging

My Experience

I began my journey into marketing consulting in January of 2022 because I could see the need within many of the customers I worked with were great at doing their jobs but were confused about marketing and how to leverage it to grow. There is a lot of confusion in the non-marketing world about how to best get the word out about a business.

Marketing has its own language, I want to no only help my clients understand it, but for them to become fluent in it! From SEO/SEM to the nuances of each social media platform to the best use of hashtags – I want my clients to succeed.

In my previous role, I was a Director of Marketing and sat on the Leadership Team of an Atlanta based wholesale distributor. I have developed successful plans for Plumbers, HVAC, and Electrical service companies, as well as, national consumer goods manufacturers.

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